It’s Good to Ignore

There comes a time in your life when you feel things around you repeating. Life is going in a circle. At that time you almost feel as if you have hit rock bottom of your life.

The same occurs with people around you. They just keep on coming and going. They are not constant and you feel that maybe only you are stuck in time because everyone is moving ahead.

There also comes a time when you feel as if there is only negativity surrounding you.

It is to all those time; my advice- ‘It’s good to Ignore

People are Hard to please and so is your luck.

So for once, Stop trying to please everyone. Stop trying to make yourself fit in. Stop letting people walk all over you. Stop trying to give explanation for everything.

Trust me, It is good to ignore. It is good to ignore those who have wronged you. It is good to ignore those who have left you. It is good to ignore those who have broken your your trust.


Because always keeping grudges gets to your head. It builds up your stress and sometimes it leads to anxiety. When you let the words get to you, You start to have second thoughts about yourself and you question your own integrity and your self esteem. These thoughts are not only bad for your mental health, but they also tend to make you lose your interest in things.

That is why it is good to ignore. It is good to turn a deaf ear to these thoughts.

Once you start to appreciate yourself, people will get the message that you are not their second go-to option. Those who are true to you will stick by and those who didn’t care about you in the first place will be only be in your memories.

So take time for yourself, discover new things that suit your tastes.

And the most important of all: Ignore the negativeness


:That’s all Folks:


Why Extroverts Can be overwhelming.

Extroverts are loud and proud type of people. They are people of questionable sense from an Introvert’s point of view.

So there are times when Extroverts can unknowingly become overwhelming to introverts.

Being way too much pushy. They tend to become pushovers towards introverts even when they don’t want to do something.

Casual Interrupts. It is true Extrovert tend to bring out the chatter from from Introverts. But Extrovert also tend to talk over. They might not intentionally do it but it definitely cuts out the flow of conversation of introverts and they retreat back to just listening.

Repeating things over and over. Chatterboxes require sort some of casual entertaining medium and what other than your everyday gossip? But this casual talk sometime are repeated so often that not only do Introverts get tired of hearing but they are also 99 percent sure they have memorized that particular story.

They tend to remember everything. They say an elephant’s memory is the sharpest But Extroverts take the second position on that list and because they have a quick memory they tend to bring up stuff from the past that might be particularly embarrassing or painful for some people.

Outing like there is no tomorrow. Outing to Extroverts is like their holy grail but to Introverts it is their ultimate form of nightmare.

But Hey! In the end its them who bring out a little normality in the Introverts life. So In the end -overwhelming or not. They are what that keeps the Introverts at their toes and that’s what they love about them.

:That’s All Folks:






What do you know about books.

Books and their genres. There are so many of them that you may forget their count.

Usually people have a certain genres they choose and they stick to that. And we never run out of option because of the endless book we can find in that genres. We occasionally also pick up book with a different concept, different from what we usual read. We sometime like them too but the afterwards we often tend to forget and then again religiously stick to our genre again.

I usually read mystery/ crime books. Agatha Christie to be precise. Now I’ve literally started off with mystery books like famous five, hardy boys, Nancy drew, Sherlock and many more. But I changed my genres this one fateful time. As a bookworm you know how costly those books are and so there appears one chance for any bookworm in my town to get the books for almost half the price.

The annual book fair. Now this isn’t some illegal trade of book that happens but the books are from libraries that have closed down or people who donate their or sell their books. Good right? so here I am trying to find my favorite genre books but lo and behold I don’t find a single author that I usually read. I typically am disappointed so I decide to try different out some new authors. Now I have read a few works of some different authors and like the many fandoms that exist on the internet, I am a part of them too.

Now don’t hate on me if I tell you I’ve never tried that many of Dan Browns books. Yes and I am sorry for all the Dan brown fans. I only read a few of his works. so I get his books and I get Sidney Sheldon’s books, Danielle Steele books and another two or three scary books. And as the geek I am I finished of most of these book in a few days time. And now I am motivated to expand my choice of genre. so I got online and downloaded some other genre books too am I am pleased. There are new ideas and new way of writing that I’ve come to find refreshing.

So this is a little of what I want others to try. Try a different genre. Something that you have never read before. Trust me if you’re a bookworm, you are bound to find the other genre interesting too.

Book that I would recommend for the week- Septimus Heap[series] by Angie Sage.









I Don’t feel oppressed.

When I saw todays paper, I saw what plight my fellow brothers and sisters were in. And now when I think about it- I feel that I have been betrayed. Betrayed by my own country. You see, I always thought of my country to be a perfect one. Yes, Yes I agree that it had its flaws but it was accepting of all religions.

But now? My country is facing the same problem that were faced by those countries. Those countries which thought that us women were oppressed because of our religion.

BUT, let me tell you something.

  • I never felt that my religion oppressed me.
  • My hijab instead made me feel more protected. I never had to worry about any guy looking at me because my hijab covered me and I knew that one would not look twice at a Hijabi. I felt uncovered if I ever had to take off my hijab. Now tell me- Does my mind feel oppressed to you?
  • I am receiving education- I am a student and I wear my hijab when I go to receive my education. tell me something- if my religion was oppressing women why am I still allowed to study?
  • Yes, Yes I have felt the stares on me. I have seen, I have heard people judging me, openly hating my religion but you know what? I never said anything to them because I know my religion and I know whatever they said wasn’t true. This is what my religion taught me, I could always have said something but my religion taught me to be patient.
  • Our throats are sore from screaming one thing over and over again-“My religion isn’t the face of terrorism” and “Terrorism has no religion”. But did our voice reach any ear? NO, it never got to any ears- all of our pleading were in vain. It all went vain when nobody cared to show the world the plight of my brothers and sisters in the war-stricken countries.

I have seen my fellow sisters forced to take off their hijab. Believe me when I say- all of us women have started wearing a hijab because we wanted to please the creator not because that our religion forced us to wear it, we have all willingly worn our hijab.

People should understand that every religion is different and each practices things differently. No one has the right to judge others.

All I can do is Pray. Pray for the people to understand. To understand that we want to be left alone. We just want the world to accept our religion, to accept us.

To understand that we as a religion have never been oppressed. We as human have the mind which is capable of making decision and we have decided to follow the path of our religion.

To understand that ‘I Don’t Feel oppressed’.


  • (As said by a Hijabi [names will not be disclosed])

The smallest coffins are the Heaviest. 

Everyone has been given certain amount of time to live their life. 

But what about children – children who pass away at the birth, children dying in accident or of natural death. Knowing that they didn’t deserve this life but we couldn’t do anything about it. It was the way of life. 

But what about those innocent children who died due the animosity between countries.

What of those children who died by the war machine which were made to keep the humanity safe. 

We all saw ths  child, caught in between the attack on syria. 

What about this child, he drowned and washed up on the shore. 

Did they deserve it? 

Tell me, do you think they could have have been working up a rebellion against the government? 

When it was their age to learn their A, B, C’s they were suffering from battle wounds. Half of them didn’t even live till their Fifth birthday. Many will be growing up orphans. 

Are they just giving up their lives, their families, their homes just for the first world countries to be safe. 

Are they not human?  Do they not deserve the human rights. 

Was it their fault they had been born in between a raging war? 

These things are often left without the media support, because of that no one seems to care as long as it isn’t them on the worse side. 

When it the age of these children to play with their friends, run around carefree, they were trying to get away from the soldiers ready to shoot, they were running from the attacks and running from the war but the media portrayed them as immigrants, they were called terrorists. 

Because some people thought that it was wrong of them to get away from the war, they had to suffer. 

The coffin of these innocents will be the heaviest. The burial will be heart wrenching. They weren’t allowed to come over to our land alive but their bodies washed up ashore reminding us of how cruel humanity could be. 

Look at them and all the others and tell me, Did they ask for this Fate? 

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A Writer’s Agony. 

Creative minds. Minds filled with ample of Ideas. Endless possibilities. 

Seeing something and deducing answer. Becoming a Sherlock in your mind and trying to connect dots. 

Zoning out of conversations because an amazing story idea struck your mind. Talking in front of the mirror and having mental conversation and trying to imagine yourself as a main character of the story you just created in your head. 

Thinking endlessly about your story and what to wite next. Sleeping in your bed late at night and suddenly getting an idea and frantically searching for a pen and paper before that idea is lost to you. 

Wanting to share your ideas but also not wanting others to write them out because you know they won’t write up to your expectation but also because you have a detailed idea about how to write it out. 

Having many ideas but not having enough time to write them all out. 

Staring at your piece of work and thinking it looks horrible; something a child wrote for an essay. Comparing your work to your favorite authors and cry about all the skills that you lack. 

Sometimes just thinking what if your story actually becomes a bestseller but then removing that thought immediately from your mind and laughing it off. 

Always criticizing your work even though it gets praises. 

Mentally scoffing at people who say writing is easy and listing out all the points about how tough it actually is.. 

  • Being a writer isn’t easy. But we enjoy it because we are doing something we love.

                   : That’s all Folks :

Body Language [cheat sheet]: Distress

Signs of Distress:

→Men in particular have a tendency to stroke or rub the nape of the neck when they are upset. It acts as a self soothing gesture to deal with a ‘pain in the neck’. 

→Crossed arms- arms act like a protective barrier. 

→Self hugging – arms are crossed, hands gripping upper arms. 

→One arm cross – one arms crosses to hold or touch the other arm , women keep a hand on purse or bag strap to make this look more natural. 

→Clutching a purse, briefcase or bag with both arms. 

→Adjusting cuffs or cuff-links (men’s version of purse-strap grab). 

→Folding the hands together in front of the crotch (men).